All of the live performances we do are at private functions and it is, therefore, not possible to come to one of these to see us perform (would you want someone coming to your Function to see a band for their Function?).

We will soon be adding a video feature to this site, which is the next best thing to seeing us live. In the meantime, if you look at the pictures and listen to the demo tracks, you're pretty much 90% of the way there!

99% of clients will not need to see the band before booking.

If, however, you really feel that you must see the band play live before booking, we have, on occasion arranged for a potential client to be present at a "Sound Check" (when the band have set all the equipment up, they will play a couple of songs to set levels, etc..).

This would obviously have to be by prior arrangement and at a mutually convenient venue.

Can we come and see you play live, before we book you?