Have a look through our Set List. We have played many first dances over the years and you may just find your song there already.

If it's a song which the band don't currently play, there are two options available:

1. If you would like the band to play your First Dance, please give us at least 4 weeks notice         (preferably longer!). If you are learning a special dance to do, please also be sure to tell us which version of the song you would like us to play.

2. Some people prefer to have the original artist version of a song as their First Dance, or they are unable to give the band enough notice. In this instance, please supply a copy of the song on CD on the day and this can be played through the PA for you. If you have booked our DJ Service, just let us know the song and which version, in advance, and our DJ Service will be happy to play this for you.

We have a specific First Dance, can you play it for us?